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Limo Airport Transportation vs. Taxi Airport Transportation

Deciding to take a limo instead of a taxi is a very complex decision. Both options are very diverse. They both have an obvious appearance difference but the differences between limos and taxies go beyond the physical aspects In Phoenix there are many different types of limo services. It is crucial that you fully understand the benefits of a limo service before you call your next taxi.

Most limo companies offer airport transportation services and have top of the line luxury Lincoln and Chrysler town cars. These town cars have many benefits that regular taxies do not. They offer leather seats and things that are similar to what a limo has to offer but in a standard four door 5 passenger spaces.

There is an assumption that airport limo companies are more expensive simply for their luxurious interiors, but that is not necessary true. Airport town cars are purchased for the sole purpose of frequently picking up and dropping off customers. It is because of those reasons why airport town cars are cheaper than regular limos. As a matter of fact, many airport transportation companies are cheaper than your standard taxi rate in phoenix.

A town car rate from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Scottsdale would be around $35 to $95. That’s exactly what you would pay for a taxi or even more. On a taxi there are a lot of factors that contribute to price. In contrast, town cars will charge you a flat rate. With that said, wouldn’t you rather take a ride on a nice, clean and luxurious town car and know that you are paying about the same price as a standard cab? Call a limo company and let the driver help you with your luggage, open the door for you, and receive a nice and comfortable ride back home.

Now you can call and book an airport limo that can pick you up and drop you off at your front door and be certain that you will pay less or the same as you would for a taxi cab. Book an airport limo now and choose luxury over basic service.

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